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We are specialists within issuing services and can manage your issues from start to finish.

We offer a broad spectrum of services for the whole Nordic stock market. We can help out with all kinds of corporate actions in Euroclear Sweden AB and VP Securities A/S, such as IPO´s, rights issues, warrant redemptions, public takeover offers and directed issues. Do you need help with bonds, convertible bonds or convertibles? We can solve that too.

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Ongoing cases

Bawat Water Technologies

Bawat Water Technologies

24 May - 7 Jun 2023

Sensidose AB

Sensidose AB

1 Jun - 15 Jun 2023

Fluicell AB

Fluicell AB

2 Jun - 16 Jun 2023

Xspray Pharma AB

Xspray Pharma AB

9 Jun - 26 Jun 2023


19 April, 2023

Nordic Issuing enters into collaboration with Katalysen Ventures

Nordic Issuing has entered into a collaboration with Katalysen Ventures regarding issuing services and project management. The collaboration aims for Nordic Issuing to provide their services for companies included in Katalysens portfolio, when conducting pre-IPO:s and IPO:s. Katalysen Ventures is a Swedish investment company, a so called "Venture Developer". The business aims to invest knowledge, time and capital in companies at an early stage. Ida Nordehammar, CEO of Nordic Issuing, comments: "We're very happy about this collaboration with Katalysen, and to get the opportunity to provide our services to the portfolio companies of Katalysen. The collaboration is completely in line with Nordic Issuings objectives, which among other includes helping growth companies to raise capital in a cost efficient way."

29 April, 2022

Nordic Issuing receives prize during Affärsvärldens annual prize giving ceremony

During Affärsvärldens annual prize giving ceremony, Nordic Issuing was allotted two honorary mentions as excellent advisors in the categories Course development and Quality - small companies, for the project management we provided in connection to SolidX AB (publ):s and Candles Scandinavia AB:s IPO:s. We want to thank Affärsvärdlen, SolidX and Candles Scandinavia, as well as all of our partners during 2021, for making it possible to develop as project managers and as an issuing agent. Let's go 2022!

Company Nordic Issuing worked with

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Initiator Pharma A/S
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Diagonal Bio AB
Amniotics AB
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BiBBInstruments AB (publ)
NeoDynamics AB (publ)
Follicum AB
Flat Capital AB (publ)