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Owners, board and managment

Owners, board, and management

Spotlight Group AB

Nordic Issuing AB is a wholly owned subsidiary within Spotlight Group, a group consisting of independent companies with a common purpose – to help businesses grow. The parent company is listed on its own, wholly owned, trading venue Spotlight Stock Market. Information about Spotlight Stock Market is available at The largest owner is Staffan Persson (through companies) who holds approximately 36 percent of the shares. The Salén family via companies and Erik Åfors via companies are also owners. Chairman of the Board of Spotlight Group is Thorbjörn Wennerholm and the CEO is Peter Gönczi. Information about Spotlight Group is available at


Peter Gönczi, board member
Markus Neuding, board member
Mikael Renck, board member and CFO
Christopher Åkerblom, chairman
Ida Nordehammar, board member and CEO

About the board

Nordic Issuing’s owner, Spotlight Group AB, has set the following assessment criteria and made the following assessment of the Board’s composition:

  • Qualities that are central to Nordic Issuing’s board

Nordic Issuing shall consider and strive for a broad competence and a broad set of characteristics and knowledge when appointing board members.

When recruiting new board members, Nordic Issuing shall take into account the competence, experience and background of each member in order to ensure that Nordic Issuing has a suitable board composition. The composition shall be deemed appropriate with regard to Nordic Issuing’s operations, development stage and other conditions. The composition of the board must also be appropriate to meet the needs of the business. When it comes to the composition of the board and recruitment of new members, the requirements placed on the board’s knowledge, commitment and diversity must be taken into account. To the extent possible, in order to promote independent opinions and critical questioning, board member diversification regarding the following should be taken into account:

  • age,
  • sex
  • geographical origin, and
  • education and professional background.

In addition, the following experiences are considered central to the need for competence within the Board:

  • general legal knowledge,
  • securities law,
  • risk management, compliance and internal audit,
  • financial control and governance,
  • financial accounting and reporting,
  • information technology and information security,
  • knowledge of Nordic Issuing’s market and market requirements,
  • experience from board work,
  • the member’s independence in relation to Nordic Issuing, its owners and management.

The composition of the board shall also comply with the applicable requirements set by the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) guidelines for suitability assessments of members of management bodies and senior executives (EBA/GL/2021/06) and other relevant rules in the securities market.

  • Spotlight Group AB’s assessment of how the board’s competence composition meets Nordic Issuing’s needs in accordance with paragraph 1 is summarized as follows:

Markus Neuding meets the above requirements regarding general legal knowledge,

Peter Gönczi and Markus Neuding meet the above requirements regarding knowledge in securities law and risk control, compliance and governance. In addition, Nordic Issuing and the Board have a broad and close collaboration with Nordic Issuing’s compliance function, which has an active role in the board’s work with compliance and risk control.

Mikael Renck and Peter Gönczi meet the above requirements regarding knowledge of financial control and governance, financial accounting and reporting, as well as information technology and information security.

All members meet the above requirements regarding knowledge of Nordic Issuing’s market and market requirements. Peter Gönczi, Markus Neuding, and Mikael Renck meet the above requirements regarding experience of board work.


Nordic Issuing’s management consists of Christopher Åkerblom, Ida Nordehammar, Peter Gönczi, Markus Neuding och Mikael Renck. The management’s mission is to implement directives and guidelines communicated by the board, lead the organization’s development internally and externally, act for long-term relationships and increased trust from customers, suppliers, and the market, and to safeguard good internal relationships and a long-term strategy to attract and retain competent staff.