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Nordic Issuing

Nordic Issuing was established during the pandemic of 2020, with a team of five. We’re a fully owned subsidiary of Spotlight Group AB and a securities company authorized by Finansinspektionen. Nordic Issuing’s office is located at Stortorget 3 in Malmö, and as of today, we’re a team of seven in total. Nordic Issuing is an issuing agent and a clearing member in the Swedish securities depository Euroclear and the Danish equivalent, VP Securities. As an issuing agent, we help listed and unlisted companies with various corporate actions, such as IPOs, rights issues, and directed issues. Our services are primarily administrative. We’re a committed partner and always put all our efforts into every project to ensure our clients feel secure throughout the process. An IPO is often a significant event in a company’s journey, and therefore it’s important that the client feels trust in the parties involved. As a client of Nordic Issuing, we will guide you through the entire process.

Sustainability and Long-term Perspective

For Nordic Issuing, it’s a priority to create a sustainable working process and view it from a long-term perspective. We’re working towards a positive culture where all employees feel comfortable and trusted. Therefore, we provide our employees with opportunities to develop at a fast pace and take on significant responsibilities, while also placing great emphasis on achieving a healthy work-life balance.

We have a strong focus on IT and digitalization to make our processes more efficient for both clients, investors, and ourselves. Issuing services have historically been very manual, leading to significant risks of errors. Due to this, we have automated nearly all of our processes to create a more secure and sustainable workflow.


Our vision is to become the leading issuing agent in the Nordics, and we’re well on our way. We’re the only Swedish issuing agent operating in both Sweden and Denmark, and during the last year, we conducted the most rights issues of all issuing agents in Sweden.


To achieve our vision, we work hard to be a committed and reliable partner in Nordic transactions. Our values: commitment, expertise, and reliability, are reflected in all the work we put into our projects and help us reach our goals.

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Legal information

The board of Nordic Issuing AB (“the Company”) has adopted an internal guideline for risk management aimed at ensuring well-functioning internal control with procedures so that risks related to the Company’s capital situation, liquidity, and concentration risks can be managed effectively. The board of the Company assesses that the company’s arrangements for risk management are satisfactory given the activities conducted and the risks identified. The arrangement consists of both internal rules regarding risk management, an annual internal capital and liquidity assessment, an independent risk management function, appropriate internal and external reporting, and ongoing management of risks in the business on a daily basis. For more information, see the Company’s Summary.