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Abera Bioscience AB

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Abera Bioscience AB

19 Jan - 2 Feb 2021IPO

Abera Bioscience AB is a Swedish vaccine and biotechnology company developing vaccines based on their patented platform technology. Abera, with their head office in Solna, Stockholm, was founded in 2012 and stems from molecular biology reasearch at VU University in Amsterdam, the University of Stockholm and the biotechnology company Xbrane Biopharma AB, and possesses a patented platform technology, BERA, which makes it efficient development based on bacterial OMV-technology (outer membrane vesicles) possible.

Through BERA, the company can shorten the process of production and streamline costs and time in regards to development and design of vaccines. The company have a portfolio of vaccine candidates based on BERA, and as for today the company’s focus is on two areas within vaccines: pneumococci (a bacteria causin for example pneumonia), and immunooncology (therapeutic cancer vaccines). The technology though makes it possible within other areas and as for today, several vaccine candidates in external research collaborations are developed, amongst other within Covid-19. Today Abera have one main candidate within pneumococci vaccin, Ab-01.12, and the company’s aim is to license the vaccine at an early stage, with further goals of the vaccine becoming a universal pneumococci vaccine.

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The offer in summary

Subscription period: 19 Janurary - 2 February 2021

Price per share: 6.90 SEK

Lowest subscription post: 750 shares

Marketplace: Spotlight Stock Market

Planned first day of trading: 24 February 2021

Financial advisor: Sedermera Fondkommisson

Different from available vaccines of today, Aberas universal pneumococci vaccine, Ab-01.12, is produced with a shorter time limit (1-3 weeks), through a well tested and ismple fermenting process and additional cleansing processes. The time efficiency stems from Abera having fewer components in their vaccines. Furthermore, many of these components are produced in the one same process. A universal vaccine covering all pneumococci-serotypes as Aberas candidate Ab-01.12, could mean a reduction in the use of antibiotics and hence lower the spread of antibiotic resistens pneumococci.


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