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Mestro AB

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Mestro AB

18 Nov - 2 Dec 2021IPO

The company’s motto is “Spend less energy”.

Founded in 2005, Mestro aims to simplify and create an overview of complex collection systems, ensure accurate data and provide customers with a wide range of products for reduced emissions, cost savings and lower energy use. Through Mestro’s software platform, companies and organizations can quickly and easily get started and save energy as well as reduce their costs and their climate footprint from the first year the service is implemented.

Mestro currently has around 90 customers with a total of just over 7,000 properties connected to Mestro’s SaaS services. Among Mestro’s larger property customers are SBB, Nyfosa, Balder, Diös and AMF, which all use Mestro to take control of their energy use, their costs and reduce their climate footprint.

The company’s main operations are conducted in Sweden. In addition to operations in Sweden, the company has customers in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and the Netherlands and the Company will now continue to grow in these countries as well as to other geographical markets, primarily northern Europe.

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The offer in summary

Subsription time: 18 November - 2 December 2021

Subsription price: SEK 19 per share

Lowest amount of subsription: 300 shares

Issue volume: SEK 39,999,997.00

Market: Nasdaq First North Growth Market

First day of trading: Planned to 15 December

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