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Slottviken Fastighets AB (publ)

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Slottviken Fastighets AB (publ)

22 Feb - 12 Mar 2021Conversion of shares

Slottsviken is a real estate company who acquires, manages and develops attractive real estates in areas close to the city. The company was founded in 1983 and has its head office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Slottsviken is listed at Spotlight Stock Market since 1997.

The A-share in the company was removed from trading at Spotlight Stock Market 5 February 2021, and holders of the A-share are now offered to convert the A-shares into B-shares in to company, free of charge. The B-share is listed at Spotlight Stock market.

The application for conversion shall be made through the bank where the A-shares are currently held. If you have a direcly registered VP accoun (structured 000X XXXX XXXX), application can be made directly to Nordic Issuing through the application form found in the right column. Holders of A-shares who has a directly registered VP-account must coordinate the transfer of A-shares from the bank to Nordic Issuing by their own. in accordance with the application form.

Please observe that the offer is only directed to holders of A-shares in Slottsviken Fastighetsaktiebolag (publ).

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The offer in summary

Terms: One (1) A-share in the company gives the right to convert one (1) A-share into one (1) B-share in the company.


  Application form (Swe)


Due to restrictions in applicable law in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Belarus or other countries where participation requires further prospectuses, registrations or actions other than those under Swedish law, the offer to subscribe for securities in this offer is not directed at persons or others with registered address in any of these countries.