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Spotlight Group AB

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Spotlight Group AB

25 Aug - 8 Sep 2020IPO

Spotlight Group was established in 1997 and contains of independent businesses with one common purpose – to simplify growth for companies.

The organizations different branches has since 2015 in different ways been a part of providing approximately 11.4 billion SEK as growth capital to listed companies through more than 500 transactions, whereof 125 listings. A number of new initiatives have been taken since the start, creating an ecosystem of services related to the stock market and adjusted for the growing companies in a listed environment. For the growth companies, this has made innovative progress such as development of new pharmaceuticals, products and services possible.

The stock market Spotlight Stock Market which is a part of the Spotlight Group today has more than 170 listed companies with hundreds of active investors. Sedermera Fondkommission and Markets & Corporate Law, with expertise in raising capital for growth companies and law applicable to market and corporations respectively, has been two cruical businesses in the organization’s development. Spotlight Group aims to be a pioneer in developing tools for listed growth companies and by this create conditions for increased employment, innovation and competitiveness.

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The offer in summary

Subscription period: 25 September - 8 October 2020

Price per share: 22,10 SEK

Minimum subscription: 200 shares

Marketplace: Spotlight Stock Market

First day of trading: Planned to 15 September 2020


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