Nordic Issuing

Commitment, expertise and reliability

What we offer

Our expertise within the technical part of issuing services will help you reach a successful transaction

We help listed and unlisted companies with various kinds of transactions, for example IPO:s, rights issues or an affiliation to Euroclear Sweden och VP Securities A/S (Denmark). The administrative issuing serivces we help out with includes receiving subscription forms, distribute settlement notes, receive payments in escrow accounts, handling KYC and deliver securities through Euroclear or VP. Another important part where our expertise will play a big role for our clients, is getting timelines and terms for the issues in place. Nordic Issuing appreciates being included at an early stage in the process, in order to feedback on the issuing services related to the process.

Examples of corporate actions which Nordic Issuing will help out with:

  • Directed issues
  • Affiliations to Euroclear Sweden or VP Securities A/S
  • Warrant exercises
  • Apportemissioner
  • Public bid’s
  • Incentive programs
  • Split and reverse splits

Examples ofsecurities which Nordic Issuing can handle:

  • Shares
  • Warrants
  • Bonds
  • Convertible bonds
  • Profit share loans
  • ETF:s

Is there anything Nordic Issuing cannot do?

Yes, unfortunately there is. We can’t advise regarding transactional structures, legal questions or valutations. Additionally, we can’t provide capital raises or direct marketing. Our services are more administrative, and we will stick to what we know best – issuing services.


NORDIC ISSUING – an enthusiastic and reliable partner in Nordic transactions

  • We’re focused on the listed environment, but can help out with transactions in unlisted companies. Additionally, we can provide project management in connection to IPO:s or rights issues.
  • Besides offering issuing services in Sweden and Denmark, Nordic Issuing also works towards Norway, Finland and the U.K.

Our assignment will differ depending on what kind of project we’re working with, but most of our services includes the following:

  • Administrate subscription forms and submitted subscriptions
  • Collect KYC information in accordance with applicable law
  • Draft Terms and Conditions for the Prospectus or Memorandum
  • Administrate corporate actions towards Euroclear Sweden and VP Securities
  • Administrate issue proceeds on escrow accounts
  • Deliver securities to subscribers and investors