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DalsSpira Mejeri AB

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DalsSpira Mejeri AB

23 Aug - 7 Aug 2021Rights issue

Dalsspira dairy is located in Dalsland, more specifically Färgelanda, and manufactures dairy products with care for the animals that deliver the milk and nature that makes this possible.

The dairy was started by Carina in 2001 as a small farm dairy where she had her own goats and sales of milk and cheese at home on the farm. Development going forward has been a matter of the heart and today Dalsspira is Sweden’s first listed dairy. The family feeling and care for the animals is still as strong now a few years later when Carina handed over the operation to her daughter Malin.

Their vision is that it should be profitable for their farmers to run a Swedish milk production that contributes to maintaining our open landscapes and jobs in the countryside. In addition, they want with their products to give a promise to their consumers about good animal husbandry and the products’ Swedish origin.

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The offer in summary

Subscription period: 23 August – 7 September 2021

Record date: 18 August 2021

Subscription price: SEK 2.00

Preferential rights: The company's shareholders have a preferential right to subscribe for units in the rights issue, whereby each (1) existing share receives one (1) unit right. It takes four (4) unit rights to sign one (1) unit, where each unit consists of one share and one warrant.

Warrants: Two (2) warrants give the holder the right to during the period March 21 - April 5, 2022 subscribe for one (1) share where the subscription price is set at 70 percent of the weighted average the trading price for the company's share on the Spotlight Stock Market during the period 1 March - 14 March 2022.




Due to restrictions in applicable law in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Belarus or other countries where participation requires further prospectuses, registrations or actions other than those under Swedish law, the offer to subscribe for securities in this offer is not directed at persons or others with registered address in any of these countries.