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Eurocine Vaccines AB

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Eurocine Vaccines AB

5 Jan - 11 Jan 2021Reverse split

Eurocine Vaccines has attracted internationally recognized experts to quest for the vaccines of tomorrow. Specialized in vaccine development, and with decades of long experience, the highly qualified team has a proven record to manage all aspects of vaccine development including preclinical and clinical development and scalability into production, as well as business development and financing.

Today a publicly listed company situated close to the Karolinska Institutet, home of the Nobel Assembly, uses its clinically validated technology Endocine™ to develop new vaccines.​

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The offer in summary

Last day of trading before the reverse split: 7 January, 2021

First day of trading after the reverse split: 8 January, 2021

Terms: 1:100, meaning that hundred (100) shares added to one (1) new share

Record date: 11 January, 2021

Through the merger, the total number of shares in the Company will decrease from 789,541,300 shares to 7,895,413 shares.

As a result of the merger, Eurocine Vaccine’s share will change ISIN code from 8 January 2021. The new ISIN code for Eurocine Vaccine’s share is SE0015382155.

The shareholders will automatically receive a new, lower, number of shares in proportion to the holding on the record date. Shareholders whose holdings of shares on the record date are not evenly divisible by 100 will receive shares free of charge in order for the holding to be evenly divisible by 100. Provision of shares is made through Euroclear Sweden AB’s, without further measures having to be taken by shareholders.