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Follicum AB

29 Oct - 30 Oct 2020Directed issue

Follicum AB’s research and development is focused on diabetes and stimulating hair growth. During the research within arteriosclerosis the scientists by coincidence discovered that a modified version the protein osteopontin, produced by the body itself, stimulated the hair growth in mice. The company’s research is based on proteins produced by the body itself, from which they develop pharmaceuticals. The most developed peptide is FOL-005 and affects the acitivity in hair follicles.

Hair loss and/or unwanted hair growth affects millions of people worldwide. Both men and women are affected physically and psycologically. There are no real efficient treatment in the marked and the few existing products are not adjusted to fit both men and women. Hence, there is a lack of products which are both efficient and has few side effects, resulting in many men and women choosing not to get any treatment at all.

Within the development area of diabetes another peptide, FOL-014, has shown to stimulate the release of insulin from the pancreas during laboratory trials, which is an important parameter in the treatment of diabetic patients. Follicum is a part of an extensive research collaboration within this area of therapy at the Univeristy of Lund, with several strong partners within research and development.

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