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7 Oct - 28 Oct 2021IPO

With the help of nanotechnology, SHT develops and manufactures heat-dissipating materials reinforced with graphene with a focus on electronic cooling. Increased cooling capacity is required by industry to continue to be able to develop high-performance electronics that are smaller, lighter, faster with more functionality in a sustainable way through lower energy consumption.

SHT’s vision is to become a globally leading supplier in the world of nanobasic materials and solutions for applications for thermal cooling of electronics that contribute to a sustainable society. This will be done through a high degree of automation in combination with a unique and patented graphene-enhanced manufacturing technology.

SHT has a small manufacturing unit of its GT product in Gothenburg that sells to companies in the electronics industry. A major manufacturing unit is under construction in China and is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021. The construction in China has been financed by Chinese investors buying into SHT’s Chinese subsidiary. This new share issue is being carried out to expand and automate the manufacturing unit at home, as well as to build up a sales and administrative organization in Gothenburg.

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The offer in summary

Subscription time : October 7 - October 28

Subscription course : SEK 11.00 per Unit, which corresponds to SEK 11.00 per B share. Each Unit consists of one (1) B shares and one (1) warrant of series TO 1. The warrants are free of charge. Brokerage is not canceled.

Minimum acquisition: 500 units, which corresponds to SEK 5,500.00

Emission volume : 22 MSEK

Valuation (pre-money) : 125,4 MSEK

Marketplace : Spotlight Stock Market

First day of trading : 18 November 2021