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Fuelmatics AB

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Fuelmatics AB

14 Jun - 5 Jul 2021Rights issue (unlisted)

Fuelmatics AB is a pioneer to keep an eye on in robotics. The Swedish robot company’s vision, which is a world leader in fully automatic refueling systems, is to revolutionize the fuel industry with the latest technology with hands-free refueling technology.

“Fuelmatics main concept is to provide increased service through automation. We solve this with high-tech equipment hand in hand with user experience. The recent years of development in smartphones and computerized automation have completely rewritten the map for what consumers expect. Today’s new cars has many autonomous features: it automatically connects to the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth, detects rain, helps panic break – some even park or drive themselves. The internet generation expects things to be self-propelled. Manual refueling has become stone age.”

Fuelmatics is based on a drive-thru procedure that offers a premium service. In addition to being faster, cleaner and more comfortable, it is a real advantage when there is bad weather or unpleasant temperatures. The company eliminates the risks of inhaling the fumes and offers a complete solution for drivers who experience physical difficulties leaving the car. With Fuelmatics hands-free automation, you only park near the device and click a couple of times on your smartphone. The car is refueled automatically, payment is made and the receipt is sent.

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The offer in summary

subscription period: 14 June - 5 July 2021

Subscription price: 8,40 SEK per share

Minimum aquisition: 400 shares corresponding to 3 360 SEK

Volume of issuance: The offer comprises a maximum of 595 138 shares.

Valuation (pre money): Approximately 75,18 MSEK

Payment day: Takes place in connection with subscription, no later than 5 July 2021

Allocation : First come first served


Due to restrictions in applicable law in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Belarus or other countries where participation requires further prospectuses, registrations or actions other than those under Swedish law, the offer to subscribe for securities in this offer is not directed at persons or others with registered address in any of these countries.