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Rights issues

A rights issue means that a company turns to its existing shareholders to procure capital. Shareholders have, by pre emptive right, the opportunity to subscribe for new shares in the company prior to new shareholders. It’s also common that the public are given the opportunity to subscribe in a rights issue. Nordic Issuing has supported a wide range of companies in connection with rights issues and are able to help out throughout the process. 

A company doesn’t necessarily have to be listed at a stock market to be able to execute a rights issue, but the administration of the process against Euroclear works the same way. As an issuing agent we support with the communication against Euroclear Sweden AB, draft subscription forms and terms and conditions before the commence of the subscription period of the rights issue. During the subscription period we will administrate submitted subscription forms and incoming payments in a dedicated escrow account. When the subscription period is over, we make sure the correct documentation regarding subscription and registration will be Euroclear at hand and will also administrate send outs of settlement notes and questions from the investors.  

The possibility to adjust the arrangement and services withing an assignment is always there – we always stem from the clients needs. If your company is heading towards a capitalization, you are welcome to contact us to get more information. 

Remember to always sign up with an issuing agent well ahead of the rights issue.